You’ll Never Guess What Happened

So a little bit after I started this blog we lost our internet connection at our house. It’s a really long story, but basically we played a game of chicken with the internet provider and neither of us blinked. Head on collision. They wanted to upgrade our service and charge us more for a stupid reason and we weren’t going to. They never backed down so we cancelled. Sadly no one else offers internet to our house either so we couldn’t replace them with anything. They told us if we waited 3 months we’d be considered new customers and we could go back to the plan we had. 10 more days and we will have the internet back and I have a ton of back log to post. Until then I’m working off my phone (thank God for my LG G3 and its 5.5″ screen!) and a 10 gig data plan I’m sharing with 2 other people. I promise I’m coming back and I have a ton to talk about!!


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